Business Process Mapping

Key to understanding and improving your processes

In today’s highly complex business environment, it is imperative that competitive businesses need to focus on improving customer service.  Most processes are overly complex for no other reason than processes tend to be evolutionary.  Meaning they start off simple enough but as new requirements are added, the process grows until a point that the processes are no longer serving the customer.

In order to improve processes, it is important to understand what your process is today both in terms of who is responsible for each area and how long it takes to complete each step.

On a basic level, business process mapping is the definition of activities that a business entity actually does. This means outlining who is responsible for what within the organization, the standards that business processes are expected to meet, and how you can measure the success of a business when these processes are in work.  The primary goal of business process mapping is to help companies become more organized and more efficient.

When a small business entrepreneur creates a detailed process map, they will also be able to make certain that the objectives of certain projects of sections of their company are in-line with the organization’s overall goals and objectives. Because small business entrepreneurs have so many different hats to wear and so many different responsibilities, it is easy to lose sight of the specific operations of different departments within your small business. However, with a proper business map in place, company owners can see an outlined and detailed description of what the objectives of all of their different company areas really are.

When it comes to creating a business process map, there are a number of approaches that can be taken, and ultimately, the best solution for a small business today is to create whatever type of diagram or map is easiest for their team to follow. However, one of the most popular types of process maps available is what is known as a flow chart. A detailed flowchart for process mapping will include outlines of everything from activities and decision points to inputs and outputs of the company’s operations. Ultimately, the way to organize the process maps of a company is up to the individual organization.