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Our Mission 

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Highly functioning organizations are built on a foundation of solid repeatable quality processes. IT Sigma was created because of our passion to build better functioning organizations through building better processes.  It is our view that Lean Six Sigma is the best foundation for building a strong organization.

Our History 

Our History

The foundations of IT Sigma started in 2008 where our founders were working in the IT process improvement for a Fortune 500 company. During their time in the field, they were introduced to Lean Six Sigma as a methodology to improve quality and speed in the IT department.  Out of this experience began the development of IT Sigma Pro, designed just to streamline the Lean Six Sigma process.

The initial strategy was to provide an easy to use tool to help manage the often cumbersome Lean Six Sigma process and utilize Value Added Resellers to sell our product.  In this endeavor, we found that most VAR’s did not understand Lean Six Sigma, especially as how it applies to IT.  So in 2014, with his new vision of IT Sigma Pro, we re-launched our company to include a full line of consulting service partners and tools around Lean Six Sigma.

Our professional services partners have years of Lean Six Sigma experience, so you are assured to have professional who has seen a variety of process problems across a multitude of companies of all sizes.

Best of all, we set you up for success by teaching you to function on your own once we are gone with a variety of tools to help you.