Product Features

IT Sigma Pro is designed to make it easy to set up without the aid of your IT Department.  After you sign up, you just name your organization, then your departments and lastly set up your users.  Your company portal is ready to create your processes.


Adding/Deleting users, roles and departments are easily set up by even the most novice users.

IT Sigma Pro is flexible enough to create any process using easy four steps; 1. Name the process, 2. Define each step of the process, 3. Determine what documents are required for each step and 4. The roles of each of the participant of the steps.   Hit Submit…Your are done.   Your process is ready to use.

Your processes and projects are stored in the cloud…safely and securely.   No longer require a project or a process?  No problem, just extract it as a zip file for you to store anywhere.  This helps you keep costs down.

MS Office files, PDF’s even picture files can be attached to steps of your process.

Use IT Sigma Pro’s reporting engine to report on a variety of process KPI’s.  If it is in IT Sigma Pro, it can be reported on.

IT Sigma Pro is built using the latest web technologies that display equally well on you laptop or your tablet.